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"Sex work is not a bad term. Sex work is work. It's a job like being a clerk..."

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

In nearby Fairfax County Virginia,, their Board of Education meetings are typically very eventful. Yesterday's meeting on June 30, 2022 was no different. Many testimonies were excellent, but one in particular stood out. Stacy Langton, a vocal advocate against radical gender ideology and grooming children in school testified about a certain book in their school libraries which she deemed extremely inappropriate. The book in question is Seeing Gender: An Illustrated Guide to Identity and Expression by Iris Gottlieb.

Aside from the author's brilliant forays into the imagined "Toxic Masculinity", "White Oppression" and other cultural Marxist concepts, one of the most notable excerpts noted by Mrs. Langton comes from her details from the book regarding sex workers, aka prostitutes.

"Sex work is not a bad word. Sex work is a term used to describe exchanges of sexual activity for money, including pornography or exotic dancing. Sex work is work. It's a job like being a clerk or an architect and it exists everywhere... Sex work is a consensual exchange between adults. It is important to suspend judgement for those in this line of work."

Mrs. Langton explained this is a lie, due to the fact that it isn't consensual - every prostitute has a pimp. They are slaves. After hearing about this book for the first time, we searched Howard County Public School System's library. Fortunately, this book is unavailable to elementary school students. However, it is available in three middle schools and five high schools. Do you feel we should be encouraging our children to read this material? Let us know.

Watch her video testimony here:

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